Fraser was a very prominent figure on the Scottish Folk Scene back in the seventies.


He ran many folk clubs throughout the central belt - from Helenburgh to Edinburgh and his hard work created many venues for all those old favourites that we remember so fondly. Hamish Imlach, Iain Mackintosh, The McCalmans, The Humblebums, Robin Hall & Jimmie McGregor, The Johnstones, Danny Kyle, Dick Gaughan, Alasdair McDonald and a very big etcetera.


He would do everything he could to get those punters in. No Facebook or email then remember! It was all snail mail, word of mouth and elbow grease.


e.g. When he ran his mini tours.....which included many of the acts previously mentioned and were amazing .....he would be out personally postering throughout the land and the night. I would be made to help on occasion! Bummer having a much older big brother sometimes. (Sorry. Couldn't resist!) A very brisk police dodging night in Barrhead springs to mind! I promise..There were others. None sunny. All dark, cold and miserable. Ugh! Plastic bucket and paste brush was not my idea of fun but needs musted. Is that grammar as bad as it feels? Good!


My point here is...How on earth he fitted in  family life and a very responsible day job I have no idea...Oh and then there were his bountiful solo gigs. I'm talking about prior to us joining forces.


More people like him and the folk scene would definitely not have undergone the dip that it sadly has.


Well! Despite his success with his Civil Engineering business, at his core was alwyas a folk singer burning to get out. Hence he has decided to come out of retirement. I, for one, am glad to hear it. Not only brotherly love and all that,  but it's really nice to be in the company of one who was there all those years ago.


These days he has largely put down his guitar and allowed me to come along and accompany him. n.b. These are not Mrs. Bruce's Boys gigs but Fraser Bruce Solo. He presents some of his old favourites and recently self-penned items, which are proving to be the stars of the show. 

His love of Grandaddihood is very evident in Ickle-Dickle-Di-Do and the poignant realisation of his lucky break on the day of the Ibrox Disaster strikes many a chord with all who remember it so vividly. And, of course, we all, above a certain age, do.


I would urge you to come along and listen..


Here's where he'll/we'll be for his "solo" shows.

Nothing planned. Concentrating on "Auld Hat New Heids!"

Fraser is not planning to do too many of these gigs but it would be great to see you there when he does.

All the best


Ian Bruce