Again, we don't intend to fill the diaries with Mrs. Bruce's gigs.


Ian is still busy with his Solo career and his other duos "Ian Bruce & Ian Walker" & "Ian Bruce & Victor Besch" which all keep him more than occupied.

Fraser just can't help but work hard on whatever his venture. These days it's his main business, which he is supposed to be retired from, his song writing and collecting and his endeavours to help make sure his brother Ian is promoted in the way he sees best. Oh! And there is that retirement  which he works hard on too.


However! It seems that interest has been rekindled in Fraser & Ian Bruce since the release of "The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys" CD on Greentrax records.


That's nice. Thank you from us.


...a few Mrs. Bruce's Boys Gigs

Nothing planned yet. Too busy with  "Auld Hat  New Heids!"