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Every Song's a Story

Fraser Bruce

Released 2020

Auld Hat New Heids

Fraser Bruce, Ian Bruce, Gregor Lowrey & Pete Clark

Released 2017

The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

Fraser & Ian Bruce

Released 2015

Clyde Football Team e.p.

Fraser Bruce

Released 2001

Flair 1989

Football Anthems

Various Artists

Mrs. Bruce's Boys Vol 2

Fraser & Ian Bruce

Released 1985

Veil of The Ages

Fraser & Ian Bruce

Released 1982

Mrs. Bruce's Boys Vol 1

Fraser & Ian Bruce

Released 1980

Farewell Tae Tarwathie

Fraser Bruce

Released 1974

Clyde F.C. Single

Fraser Bruce & The Clyde Football Team (1973)

Shamrock & Heather

Fraser Bruce

Released 1971

Scots Wha Hae Nae

Various Artists

Released 1967

Always Argyll

Valerie Dunbar

Fraser has a duet on here.

Also Fraser & Ian are backing vocalists on the title track.

We know what you're thinking!


Could this be the one off? The only copy

of Fraser and Ian Bruce singing "Little Boxes" in a booth in Bournemouth Coach Station?


Well no. But it does look very very like it.

This particular disc really is Fraser's brothers, Ross and Ian, singing "The Green Green Grass of Home".


Yes! Recorded in the same Bournemouth booth and......


Yes. It still still sort of plays. It is awful! "Ross! The Goons impersonation just before the sudden cut off was totally unnecessary. Ruined the whole thing. Classy otherwise!"

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