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The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys (Released 2015)

Greentrax Records - CDTRAX385


We hope you all enjoy this reminiscence of some brilliant times in the 1980s when Mrs BRUCE’S BOYS were at their peak.

Comment from Ian Bruce re the Best of Mrs Bruce’s Boys CD

“I confess. I was reluctant to release all the old tracks. It became a matter of family discussion. I agreed that we should release the CD if we could re-record some of the old tracks live…with our more mature voices. That’s what we did. At THE WEE FOLK CLUB in The Royal Oak, Edinburgh.  ‘White Flower’ I wrote specially for the ‘reunion’ gig and album. It’s a song for our late mum, Blodwen.”

“So. Here it is and, to my astonishment…. I am entirely proud of it. I was worried about the young voices etc. Could this auld fella listen to the young version of himself without cringing? Well. Yes actually. He can. He is dead chuffed.”

“All the tracks have been remastered and some remixed. Whoopee! I AM indeed dead chuffed. I hope you’ll enjoy it for nostalgic reasons or simply because it’s a collection of bloody great songs from our contemporaries of the time. (I suppose they will always be our contemporaries!) It would be good, too, if you like our performances of the songs?”




FAREWELL TO THE GOLD • Veil of the Ages (Paul Metzers, Topic Records Music Ltd.) • CAN YE SEW CUSHIONS • Veil of the Ages • (Trad. Arr. FRASER and IAN BRUCE, Bulk Music Ltd) • BROKEN DOWN SQUATTER • Veil of the Ages • (Trad. Arr. FRASER and IAN BRUCE, Bulk Music Ltd) • CATCH ME IF YOU CAN • Vol. 2 • (Trad. Arr. FRASER and IAN BRUCE, Bulk Music Ltd) • DOWN WHERE THE DRUNKARDS ROLL • Vol. 1 • (Richard Thomson, Island Music Ltd) • RING-a-RING-a-ROSIE • Vol. 1  • (Pete St. John, Saint Music) • The Weddin’ • Vol. 2 • (Trad. Arr. FRASER and IAN BRUCE, Bulk Music Ltd) • BONNIE SUSIE CLELLAND • Vol. 2 • (Trad. Arr. FRASER and IAN BRUCE, Bulk Music Ltd) • EDINBURGH • Vol. 2 • (Ian M. Bruce, MCPS) • THE GREY FUNNEL LINE • Veil of the Ages • (Cyril Tawney, MCPS) • NOSTRADAMUS • Veil of the Ages • (Al. Stewart, Kenetic Productions)



The live recordings on the May 18, 2015 were at The Royal Oak in Infirmary Street, Edinburgh. This is the venue for the hugely successful ‘WEE CLUB’ which, although not a large venue, is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s top folk clubs.

We decided that it would be a great idea to re-record some of the tracks. The ‘WEE CLUB’ was a perfect venue and it was ‘full to the gunnels’ on the night and the audience participation was incredible. The singing can be heard clearly on the recordings. On the day of the ‘live’ recording Ian was suffering from hay fever and Fraser had a cold but there was no way we were going to cancel the gig.

To assist us on the night we introduced our close friend, the ever popular and superbly talented Ian Walker. Ian Bruce and Ian Walker have recently released an album on GREENTRAX called Born to Rottenrow. Ian Walker’s contribution on Guitar, Banjo, Autoharp and Harmonies is greatly appreciated. It wasn’t just on the night but at the many rehearsals we had to work on to get up to scratch.

Thanks go to Paddy Bort, folk club organiser and to Heather McKenzie who allowed us to use her fabulous venue for the recording.  When the first Edinburgh Infirmary was built the street was named after it. The morgue was situated just below The Royal Oak and rumour has it that Burke and Hare used the old passages to carry out their gruesome trade. Although not open to the public the cellars of The Royal Oak still exist as part of ‘Old Edinburgh’ and the cobbled streets and drains can still be seen two levels below the public bar.  There is music in the main bar every night.

It would be remiss not to mention The Mother India Café from next door who supplied the Pakoras for the night… undoubtedly one of the very best Indian Restaurants in Edinburgh.

Our sound engineers on the night were John Weatherby and Kris Koren, two men we have worked with often and who we greatly admire for their attitude and ability. They are really great to work with and provide the sound for many artistes and festivals. Good guys!


We would like to thank Ray and Lizz Higgins, Jackie Bryson, Cathie Clare, Katharina Bramkamp, Rachel Martin, Alan and Carole Prior, Ann O’Toole, Marianne Doig, Islay Sherbourne, Christine Tromans, Fozzie Sayers, Alistair and Mary Gay, Bruce and Sandra Kinnoch, Norrie and Annette Fraser, Ian Green, Moe Walker, Jamie Bruce, Jon Bruce, John Barrow and last but not least, Paddy Bort. Your singing was brilliant.

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