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The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

Greentrax Records - CDTRAX385

EDINBURGH (Ian M. Bruce/m.c.p.s.)




Trav'lin’ thru’ to Edinburgh on an east bound train
I’m going thru’ to feel at home in my fathers land again
I was born and brought up in the west, A very fine place to be
But I feel the East run in my veins, Auld Reekies the city for me



Edinburgh, Edinburgh a day ne’er passes by
When Princes Street is not proud to watch
Her castle scratch the sky


I remember well the sound of the seagulls
And the Forth smelling salt like the sea
As we walked from Leith to Newhaven Harbour
My mother, my father and me


We’d sit on the capstan by the harbour light
The cutting wind blowing our hair
Before returning by the fishermans houses
To my Grandmothers fireside chair


From Balerno down to Portobello
I love you through and through
There’s none I swear, anywhere
As beautiful as you


Oh Edinburgh I hear you call
Your ghostly voice is clear
And I know someday I’ll be there forever
In the city I love so dear


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