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The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

Greentrax Records - CDTRAX385

KINGS SHILLING (Ian Sinclair/Mother Earth Music)




Her Love Has Left Her Wi ’Bairnies Twa
And That’s The Last of Him She Ever Saw
He joined the Army and marched awa
He Took The Shilling He Took The Shilling And He Marched Tae War




Come Laddie Come, Hear The Cannon Roar
Tak’ The King’s Shilling, And We’re Off Tae war


He Looked Sae Proud And Sae Gallant Then
Wi’ His Kilt And Sporran And His Musket Gun

And The Ladies Kissed Them As They Marched Awa’
They Sailed Awa’ By.......

They Sailed Awa’ By The Broomielaw


The Pipes Did Play As The Marched Alang
And The Men Sang Oot Their Battle Song
“March On, March On” Cried The Captain Gay
For King And Country,

For King And Country You’ll Fight The Day


The Battle Echoed Tae The Sound O’ Guns
And The Bayonets Flashed In The Morning Sun
The Drums Did Beat And The Cannon Roared
And The Shilling Didn’t Seem,

No The Shilling Didn’t Seem Much Worth No More 


Some Lost The Battle And Their Bodies Fell
Cut Doon By Bayonet or Musket Ball
Any Many O’ These Brave Young Men
They’ll Never Fight For.....

They’ll never Fight For Their King Again

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