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The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

The Best of Mrs. Bruce's Boys

Greentrax Records - CDTRAX385

THE WEDDIN’ (Trad arr. F&I Bruce)




Noo I never thocht when I was young that I would take a wife
They say that being married, you were never free frae strife
But noo I’ve taken the plunge an’ tomorrow I’ll married be
For when I asked the bonny wee lass, she said she’d marry me



And I’m goin’ tae hae a bonny wee house that I can call my ain
I’m goin’ tae hae a bonny wee wife that nobody else can claim
A bonny wee gairden filled wi’ flowers, A guid wee plot an’ a wi’
Carrots an’ leeks, ingins and neeps, Sproots, celery, beans an’ beets
Cabbages, broccoli, lettuces a’, Growing in a bonny wee row
For a’body loves a weddin, A’body loves a do
Granny does the eightsome reel, Grandpa he gets fu’
A’body kens a weddin’ is only meant for two
The next time you see the couple
They’ve added on a crew.


Noo I’ll tak off my tackety bits likewise my nicky-tams
You’ll no see me oot here the morn in the field atween the tram
For I’ll hae on my Sunday best, my collar an’ my bow
An’ when the minister ties the know you’ll hear me shouting Oh


Noo I’ll tak her a day tae Perth then we’ll settle doon
I’ll gie her a’ ma money an’ ye’ll never see me froon
An in the hoose my bonnie wee lass as sure as a pig makes ham
The next time ye see me I’ll be hurling my bonny wee pram.

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